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We now offer commercial ultrasonic cleaning of your firearms. Rates start as low as $25 per firearm.

Basic cleaning:   Includes barrel scrubbing, rails and moving parts lubed.

Advanced cleaning:   Includes barrel scrubbing, firearm broken down into major components cleaned and lubed.

Ultrasonic cleaning:   Ultimate way to clean your firearm. Submerged in our high temperature commercial ultrasonic cleaner for 40 minutes and then submerged in Lyman Turbo sonic lube. No better way to clean & lube your firearm.  

We understand that people have extremely busy schedules, so getting around to cleaning your firearms may not always be a priority.  No worries, your friends at Rhode Island Guns & Ammo have you covered.  We will strip down your firearm, clean and lube and make them look great again.  It's easy, you drop off your firearms and we do all the hard work.

​Now Available!


Basic cleaning.............starting @ $20

Advanced cleaning.....starting @ $30

Ultrasonic cleaning.....starting @ $40